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In the course of my practical work, I was always faced with difficult challenges. Changing tasks in different companies, company takeovers and far-reaching changes demanded new approaches and procedures from me. Rapidly changing conditions demand a high degree of flexibility and willingness to change from managers and employees. Reactions are very individual and often there is a lack of knowledge about how to deal with them.



Providers of leadership training and coaching often do not know the personal demands on managers from their own experience, but only from the theory and experience reports of those concerned. Since putting oneself in a difficult situation and understanding it accordingly is basically only possible by experiencing a comparable situation oneself, I can use my strengths here and support your managers in their tasks.

Coaching is often misunderstood. Coaching does not mean giving advice to the manager or the client, which tells him in which way a solution should look like, rather coaching helps the client to find an individual way for a solution. The essential difference is that the coached person is strengthened and is therefore well prepared for future challenges. Advice, on the other hand, has the opposite effect and can often only be applied to a specific situation and is therefore much more rigid than good coaching. Advice weakens rather than strengthens. They are usually well-intentioned, but not very helpful.

My focus in coaching ,as in leadership training, is on the operational support of executives and junior managers.

I offer further management training in cooperation with Dr. Herbert Becker DR. HERBERT BECKER BILDUNGSMANAGEMENT.