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No job for the ego – Interim Management: Focus on the essential

Interim management has been gaining in importance for several years. In times of upheaval and strong change, as well as lack of management and skilled personnel, this trend will continue in the future.

Smiled at and essentially underestimated by some, interim management makes a not insignificant contribution to the economic success and growth as well as the innovative power of many companies.

In spite of this meanwhile widespread distribution, many have so far only a vague idea about the topic of interim management. Reason enough for me to deal with it and to take a closer look at it. In my book, I would like to show the potential and the opportunities it offers.

The focus is on the aspect of leadership and background information. Not least because the correct handling of personnel management, in addition to the rightly demanded ZDF (German television channel) (numbers, data, facts), plays a significant role in interim management.

For this reason I am particularly interested in business psychology. It offers a solid scientific basis for comparing one’s own experience with that of others and constantly improving the resulting procedure.

Everybody has to be aware of the fact that one’s own background of experience is the opposite of objectivity. It is a highly subjective matter, which is responsible for individual perception, no matter how extensive it is.

Every insight is only valid until it is refuted. With this basic scientific rule, I would like to encourage you to question your own approach again and again and to allow feedback for this purpose.

Nevertheless, especially the individually shaped experience has an important value, because it is what makes up the personality and is indispensable in finding solutions.

This described context is the basis for the procedure of the book.

I have deliberately chosen the title in this way and to anticipate this, an interim manager does not receive his or her recognition through job and title, but through the success of the project. This means he does not have to worry about his own future in the company, nor does he need a position for his self-worth. This releases enormous resources which can be used for the essential tasks.
The book is aimed at everyone who is interested in the subject of interim management, at companies and their executives or decision-makers, interim managers and all those who want to become executives or interim managers and are looking for inspiration.

With this book, I would like to make a personal contribution to the further development and improvement of interim management, as interim management, like all other economic sectors, is currently subject to particularly extensive and rapid change.

For better readability, I have refrained from using all genders simultaneously. Of course all references to persons refer to each gender.

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