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Interim Management not only for bridging vacancies!

The market for interim management is currently growing significantly every year. The background is the increasing demand due to strongly changing markets, but also the lack of specialists and executives. Furthermore, interim management is an interesting alternative to permanent employment. Short-term availability and full flexibility are, in addition to the extensive experience of most interim managers, the main advantages of interim management. But not only bridging vacancies are the fields of activity of interim managers, but also taking over difficult projects and change processes which cannot be taken over by permanent employees are among the essential tasks. New dynamics in cost savings as well as process and workflow improvements are also important aspects for an interim manager.

My focus is on plant and production management, but also lean management.

If you have to or want to bridge a position as COO, plant or production manager at short notice, you are exactly right with me. I would also be happy to take on projects related to production for you.

My management experience of around 20 years in various companies, mainly in the automotive sector, is the basis for my work. When I started as a freelance interim manager in September 2017, dealing with many change processes during my time in permanent employment was very helpful.