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Lean as a passion; the result counts!

Lean has many faces. Everyone understands something different. New buzzwords appear on the market almost daily. Lean often becomes complicated and incomprehensible and loses its connection to practice. Often it is old wine in new wineskins and the relation to the result is missing. Lean degenerates into an end in itself. Failed attempts to introduce it do the rest. In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons why the power of lean is underestimated in many cases. No matter if you are planning the introduction of lean or if you have already tried it in the past, you will find with me the practical support to make lean a success in your company. Through my work as an interim manager, I never lose sight of the results. Only those who know what responsibility for results feels like can concentrate on the essentials without getting bogged down in catchwords and complexity. Consultants specializing in Lean, usually concentrate on their area of expertise and lose sight of the other aspects that are important for the company.

My approach is to take a holistic approach, constantly questioning the proven benefits of the approach. The individual characteristics are always taken into account and I do not press the circumstances into a standard that does not fit your company. Despite the trend towards digitalisation, good results can be achieved in this way without large investments. For many years I have been doing Lean out of conviction and have been able to infect many people with this passion. Lean has lost none of its charm for me and is still relevant today. It is supplemented and expanded by the new possibilities of digitalisation.

The challenge in implementing lean is to prepare knowledge in such a way that it is accessible and comprehensible to all employees. Lean must be lean and effective.

When introducing a lean concept, I like to start with the shop floor management to ensure the exchange with the employees and to reduce initial fears of contact. Depending on the requirements, it can be extended with 5S, TPM, SMED, One Pice Flow, KVP etc.

Training is the basis for a Lean implementation, but nothing more! Experience cannot be transferred. Everyone has to gain experience themselves to really understand it. Therefore everyone has to work on Lean. This is the reason why the implementation often fails after extensive training. Many trainings and often also the technical literature leave the employees alone with the implementation, so that the start is not successful. A successful introduction is usually only possible with the support of an experienced Lean-Coach.